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Jojuan Collins Carries the Football Hopes of L.A.’s Public Schools

The 16-year-old running back went against the grain and chose his hometown school over the wealthy private schools that have been poaching the city's best talent for years.
Mike Piellucci
mo bamba

NCAA Clears Mo Bamba of Receiving Impermissible Benefits, Remains Eligible

On Facebook, Bamba's brother tried to torpedo his eligibility at Texas by outlining Bamba's relationship with a financial adviser. But the NCAA investigated and found no wrong doing.
Sean Newell
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Thad Matta Out At Ohio State, Will Help Hire His Successor

Matta made two Final Fours in his 13 years in Columbus, but his health problems and the team's recent struggles added up.
David Roth
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College Football's New Early Signing Day Is Already Broken

Here's how to fix it.
Mike Piellucci

High School Football Recruit Creates CGI-Laden Superhero Movie to Announce He's Going to Duke

This is probably the most elaborate college football commitment video you've ever seen.
Joseph Flynn

Throwback Thursday: DaVonte' Neal's Signing Day Fiasco, And The Problem With NLIs

One of the most bizarre recruiting stories in college football history is a cautionary tale, and not for the reasons people think.
Mike Piellucci
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Recruit Pump-Fakes Miss. St. and Tosses Hat Before Committing to Ole Miss

Tae-Kion Reed looked like he was going to sign with Mississippi State, but threw their hat at the last second and chose Ole Miss instead.
Patrick Sauer
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A UConn Recruit Got His Scholarship Pulled, And That's More Common Than You Think

The slightly more hidden world of schools dropping high school recruits
Mike Piellucci
Michigan State

Michigan State Has Fallen Hard and Fast and it Could Get Worse

Much of what the Spartans were doing was unsustainable, and it could be unraveling now.
Kevin Trahan
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Donyell Marshall Is Ready to Be a Head Coach, and Willing to Pay His Dues

After a long and lucrative NBA career, Donyell Marshall doesn't need to try to turn around a moribund low-major program. He's at Central Connecticut State anyway.
Tim Casey

Like Father, Like Son? How Ron Artest III Finally Came Around to Basketball

Metta World Peace says he "tried to be a hands-off basketball dad," but he admits it's fun to see his son, a two-star recruit at Beverly Hills High, seriously play basketball after years of having not interest at all.
Kendrick E. Johnson
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NCAA Coaches Are Paying Recruits With Retweets Because They Can't Use Cash

A new NCAA rule change allows coaches to retweet recruits. If your timeline is flooded, blame college sports amateurism.
Kevin Trahan