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ICE Raids Are Coming to 9 Major Cities on Sunday. Here's What You Need to Know.

They're meant to target 2,000 undocumented immigrants who have received deportation orders but will likely result in “collateral” deportations
Emma Ockerman
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The Mysterious Murder of an NBA Hopeful

Colorado State graduate and NBA hopeful Wendell Lee, Jr. was shot dead outside his girlfriend’s home in 2015. In this episode of RED CARDS we speak with Lee’s family and others tied to the case to try and make sense of this seemingly senseless bloodshed.
VICE Sports Staff
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The Godfather of D.C. Basketball was Also a Cocaine Kingpin

Curtis Malone ran one of the best basketball programs in the country, but he also had a side gig selling cocaine and heroin.
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Pee Wee Kirkland: The Streetball Legend Who Chose Drug Trafficking over the NBA

In this episode of RED CARDS, we meet Richard "Pee Wee" Kirkland, an icon of Harlem’s early street basketball scene. Given the chance to play professionally, however, Kirkland chose a career in drug trafficking instead.
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The Shooting Death of Will Smith

Episode 3 of RED CARDS unpacks the shooting of former Saints defensive end Will Smith. The investigation takes us to New Orleans, a vibrant city with a historically controversial legal system.
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Inside the Gambling Scandal that Rocked the NBA

In the second episode of RED CARDS, we take a deep dive inside former referee Tim Donaghy's participation in a gambling scheme that earned him thousands of dollars, and 15 months in prison.
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Clint Dempsey Red Carded For Ripping Up Ref's Notebook

Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders had a bit of meltdown against the Portland Timbers in the U.S. Open Cup.
Sean Newell