Red Light

Red Light

The 'Heaux Mentor' Helping Women in the Adult Industry Rebrand

VICE met up with Lydia Dupra to hear how her job and her clients’ lives are changing with the passage of FOSTA/SESTA.
VICE Staff
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This Strip Club-Inspired Fried Rice Will Make It Rain This Weekend

Throw some dollar bills at this cheap and easy-to-make strip club-inspired Thai dish from Night + Market Song chef Kris Yenbamroong in LA.
Munchies Staff
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Are f(x) the Most Underappreciated Heroes of K-Pop?

With questions looming about f(x)'s place in Korean pop and their legacy, critics Madeleine Lee and Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy sit down to discuss the group and their excellent new album.
Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy
Madeleine Lee

I Spent a Night Trying to Be a Male Sex Object in the Red Light District

It wasn't particularly successful.
David Widen

Gentrification Is Turning London's Soho Into a Gimmicky, Sex Work-Themed Theme Park

As Soho's sex workers are pushed out, "brothel chic" is selling people a sanitized, fake version of the sleazy image they created.
Frankie Mullin

Greatness, Murder, and the Last Days: Dany Heatley's Rise and Fall from NHL Stardom

Banished to minor league purgatory, can one of hockey's great snipers find his game again? Will the NHL even care if he does?
Joshua Kloke
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The Last Peep Show in Amsterdam

The disappearance of peep shows is just another step in a gradual cleanup of the city's Red Light District.
VICE Staff