Red Wine


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I think I've mastered the art of Thanksgiving. Sometimes it requires smashing bottles of wine for fun, or buying a turkey out of some lady's garage and letting it brine in a bucket on your porch.


Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipe

The classic red wine cocktail gets an upgrade with blackberries, raspberries, and peach slices.


Don't Buy Red Wine Because You Think It's Healthy

If you have cancer in your family, you might want to consider giving it up altogether.


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Red Wine Risotto with Radicchio, Asiago, and Green Apples Recipe

This makes and excellent simple first course in the fall, when the late ­season radicchio has developed a pleasantly bitter taste that really sings with the Asiago and then dances like fireflies with the fresh crunchy and tart green apples.


White Wine Pairs Better with Cheese Than Red Wine, Scientists Say

White wine has long been in the purple shadow of red red wine when it comes to cheese pairings, but the tides are slowly turning.


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Meet the Winemaker Who Wants Us to Love Grappa

Grappa, the Italian liquor made from leftover grape skins, is usually associated with holiday-ruining hangovers—something Devon winemaker Cosmo Caddy wants to change. “Our grappa is more refined than the stuff you’ve had on ski trips,” he says.