An Artful Deconstruction of London’s Gentrification Problem

Artist Max Colson repackages the tools of gentrification to highlight London’s urban integration issues.
Andrew Nunes
London Babylon

East London's Gentrification Has Left Me Behind

If things keep going the way they have been, I can forget about ever settling down in this city I've made my home for 20 years—a place to call my own is now a pipe dream.
Michael Smith
Election '15

Regeneration Game

In part three, we hear how the demolition of the Heygate Estate was "the worst social housing disaster of recent times."
Vice Beta
Election '15

Regeneration Game

In part two, we meet the people hoping to get rich off London's regeneration at the MIPIM international property trade show.
Vice Beta
Election '15

Regeneration Game

In part one, we meet British protesters fighting rapid gentrification in the UK, hoping for the chance to live in housing-crisis-hit Newham, England.
Vice Beta

These Shanghai Residents Refuse to Leave Their Homes as Developers Tear Them Down

Their neighborhood is crumbling around them, but they're staying put.
Jamie Fullerton
Los Angeles Is Miserable

An LA Housing Project Could Be Giving Its Residents Lead Poisoning

The LA City Council approved a $1 billion project to raze the Jordan Downs housing project and build a mixed-income apartment complex in its stead. Unfortunately, an adjacent industrial site is contaminated with lead, which might have seeped into the...
Daniel Ross