Reed + Rader


Yeehaw, Miley Cyrus Is Riding to the VMAs on a Giant Kitten!

Artist duo Reed + Rader bring the pop princess to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in style.


It's Dubstep Dinosaurs... In 3D

Reed + Rader are back with their newest Cretaceous Era rave, created using motion capture and the Unreal engine.


LOL Naturel

Screw looking natural. In a perfect world, covering your face in bright splashes of colorful makeup would be the hot summer beauty trend.


Reed + Rader Turn A Fashion Spread Into A Moving Flower Utopia

"Flowers," the new video from the digital photo studio immerses a model into a florid CGI haven.


What Makes An Art Blog Successful?

We discuss with digital curator Ryan Dye how viewers can best experience art online in the modern age.


[Best of 2013]: The Year in GIFs

Artists Reed + Rader pick the best GIF moments from this past year


Reed + Rader Return With Diabolical, 3D Fashion GIFs

Model, model, toil and trouble.


Reed + Rader Create First Ever Fashion Film Using The Unreal Game Engine

Reed + Rader's Brave New World uses the Unreal Engine to create a circus land populated with models in designer clothes.


Meet The Family—Reed + Rader's Zany Stuffed Animal Posse Comes To Life As GIFs

In their latest GIF series, the Brooklyn-based artists delve into the intimate world of their favorite plush friends.


Expect Dubstep Dinosaurs And Life-Size GIFs At Reed + Rader's First UK Solo Show

Brooklyn-based digital art duo Reed + Rader announce their first UK show “Cretaceous Returns.”


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The artist duo takes us step by step through their GIF-making process.