Refugee Camp


Inside the Forgotten Refugee Camp in Greece

The summer volunteers have gone and the world’s attention has moved onto Trump and Brexit. But in the Katsikas refugee camp, temperatures have hit below zero and people have little hope for a permanent home.


Aerial Photographs Capture the Biggest Refugee Camp in the World

Brendan Bannon’s images of Dadaab, Kenya are featured in the MoMA’s ongoing group exhibition, “Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter.”


Photos of What Remains at a Forgotten Refugee Camp

Tucked into marshland by a forest in northern France are the traces of a refugee camp we've barely heard about.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama cancels meeting with Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte after Duterte called him a "son of a bitch," Clinton turns down Mexico trip invite, Freddie Mercury gets his own comet, and more.


What Remains After the Evacuation of Europe's Biggest Refugee Camp

Idomeni has been cleared—tents, pots, and children's drawings are scattered around the now empty makeshift camp.


Thousands of Refugees Are Being Removed from the Makeshift Refugee Village of Idomeni

Greek police started removing refugees from the camp near the border of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia on Tuesday. Journalists aren't allowed near the evacuation.