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How a Vietnamese Refugee Became a Celebrity Chef

After his parents fled their native country, Luke Nguyen grew up washing dishes at their tiny Vietnamese eatery in Sydney. He now has multiple restaurants, cookbooks, and TV programs to his name.
Diana Hubbell
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From Calais Gas Stove to London Kitchen: A Syrian Refugee Chef’s Story

Imad Alarnab owned two restaurants in Damascus before being forced to flee for Europe, where he spent two months in a Calais camp cooking with one knife and a tiny stove. Now in London, he wants to share the food of his homeland.
Johanna Derry
refugee chefs

How Syrian Refugee Moms Are Becoming Food Entrepreneurs in Toronto

At Newcomer Kitchen, a project of Toronto restaurant The Depanneur, refugee women make traditional Syrian food—the kind of food they grew up on, the kind of food they serve their families, the kind of food that can't be found anywhere else.
Leo Moncel
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Refugees Are Teaching Berliners How to Cook the Food of Their Homelands

The Berlin-based organization Über den Tellerand (“Looking Beyond the Plate”) offers refugees a chance to share recipes from their home countries with Germans.
Prathap Nair
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Meet the Falafel King of the Idomeni Refugee Camp

At the Idomeni refugee camp on the border of Greece and Macedonia, you’ll find Syrian chef Tamer: frying chicken, mixing yogurt-tahini sauce, and barking orders to his eager cohort of line cooks.
Kirsten O'Regan

Inside the Catering Company That's Giving Refugees a New Life in the Kitchen

Eat Offbeat is a New York-based catering kitchen that offers much-needed employment to refugees. We spoke with reporter Sebastien Malo and filmmaker Liz Mermin, who recently visited the kitchen to report on the company and its staff.
Munchies Staff