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How Migrants Helped to Rejuvenate a Struggling Italian Town

A few years ago, the Sicilian town of Sutera found a renewed sense of purpose after it started welcoming migrant families. Now, Italy's anti-immigration policies are threatening this new balance.
Cosimo Bizzarri

Why Fashion Can Be Vital for Some Refugees

"I think that if you're badly dressed, everyone sees you as just another refugee."
Anna Topaloff
Rise Up

Syrian Refugees Are Finally Creating Much Needed Mental Health Support Systems

In one embattled city, nearly 90 percent of depression cases are caused by the war. We can do something to change that.
International Rescue Committee
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How to Support Over 100 Women on Hunger Strike Inside the UK's Most Controversial Immigration Center

Strikers escalated their actions against the detention facility, which mainly houses female asylum-seekers and immigrants awaiting deportation.
Alice Rowsome

Turkey's Government Crackdown on Journalists and Social Media Has Crippled Freedom of Speech

Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, benefited from Twitter and Facebook but used his power to silence critics and journalists.
Alice Rowsome

Syrian Refugees' Faith and Narratives Endure Despite Intensified War and Displacement

Miles from the Syrian border, refugees fight to maintain spaces of community and healing.
Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din

#MeToo Is a Matter of Life or Death for Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims

As ethnic genocide continues to kill thousands in Rakhine state, human rights activist Wai Wai Nu tells us how you can help address one of the great humanitarian crises of our time.
Alice Rowsome

From Afghanistan to Yemen, Here's How to Help the Countries With the Highest Risk For Humanitarian Crises

As war, famine and disaster loom for countries around the world, 2018 will be an important year for regular people to lend a helping hand to those in need.
Bryce Perry
Rise Up

Activists are Risking Their Lives to Help Migrants Struggling to Survive from France to the UK

With nowhere to go, and no end in sight of the war in Syria and elsewhere, migrants in Calais rely on activist aid as governments turn a blind eye.
Alice Rowsome

These Iraqis Are Trying to Rebuild Their Lives in Post-ISIS Mosul

Over 1.5 million people endured over three years of harsh ISIS rule, and now the city is in recovery.
Jessica Wanless

Fleeing War, Traumatized Syrian Refugees Need Mental Health Access More Than Ever

With almost no space safe for refugees in the world, current mental health systems in the Middle East are beyond overloaded. But there are glimmers of hope.
Mike Niconchuk

Migration Should be Safe for Every Child

On International Migration Day, we must remind ourselves that 2018 is the year to help the 28 million children that have been driven from their homes due to the refugee crisis.
Ted Chaiban