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Thank God, Next Year's 'Control' DLC Will Apparently Involve [Redacted]

The premise for 'Control' gives Remedy a chance to do almost everything, and they're really gonna go for it.
Cameron Kunzelman
4 days ago
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'Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2' Makes Seattle the Star

Tech industry gentrification has brought a new sort of bloodsucker to the Emerald City.
Austin Walker
International Mom Advice

What Austrian Moms Do For Achy Joints

Claudia Berger has three children and has cured countless injuries.
Ashley Lyles
Max Payne

Sometimes a David Bowie Song Gets Your Favorite Game Pulled from Steam

Developer announces huge discount for Alan Wake ahead of removal due to music license issues.
Leif Johnson
International Mom Advice

Snow Fungus Soup is a Crazy Cure-All

So say Chinese moms.
Sheherzad Preisler
International Mom Advice

Winter Ruined Your Skin, So Put This on Your Face

Ukrainians swear by it.
Sheherzad Preisler
International Mom Advice

Indian Moms Know How to Treat a Cold

This 5-ingredient recipe might be familiar to people who grew up in turmeric-happy households.
Sheherzad Preisler
Home Lab

Treat Flu Symptoms with Random Shit in Your Kitchen

Who needs a doctor when you have a full pantry?
Jane Porter

A Love Letter to Fever, the Iconic Party That Fueled Baltimore's 90s Rave Scene

Last weekend, I reunited with hundreds of old-school heads to say goodbye to a rave that changed the rest of our lives.
Jeff Bratton

Windows 10's Killer App? Xbox One Games

Buyers of the upcoming action game Quantum Break will be able to play it on both Xbox One and Windows 10.
Leif Johnson
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Mavrick's Video for "Remedy" Flips a Cinematic Middle Finger at Authority

The Swedish singer's latest video is filmmaking at some of its finest.
Polina Bachlakova

I Don't Understand Why Everyone Isn't As Deathly Terrified of Flying As I Am

For me, the question has never been why some people are scared of flying, but rather how anyone in their right mind manages not to be.
Henry Wismayer