EPA security forcibly removed a reporter from a public event on toxic chemicals

“She said she was not hurt, but she was actually physically touched,” one source told VICE News.
Alex Lubben

Michelle Tafoya on Sports Broadcasting and Working on Christmas

Michelle Tafoya was the first woman to call an NCAA Tournament game. Now she's roaming NFL sidelines on Sunday nights for NBC.
Larry Burnett

This is already the deadliest year for journalists in Mexico since 2010

Eight journalists were killed in Mexico in the first half of this year, according to a report by the freedom of expression group Article 19 that also registered a doubling in the number of non-fatal attacks on the media.
Alan Hernandez
Blackout Series

Blackout: Venezuela's Activist Journalists

In the lead-up to last year’s controversial elections, VICE News was on the ground in Venezuela with the activist journalists fighting against the censorship of the country's dwindling free press.

Remembering John Barron, Donald Trump’s ‘Spokesman’ Alter Ego

The fictitious Trump executive was the beginning of Trump's mastery of media manipulation.
John Surico

Reporter Killed in Veracruz Bar Shooting Was About to Start His Own Newspaper

Juan Santos Carrera had only recently left his job as a Veracruz correspondent for the Televisa conglomerate, and was preparing to start his own local newspaper in the state known as the deadliest for reporters in Mexico.
Melissa del Pozo

Mexican Governor of Deadliest State for Reporters Will Testify in Photographer Killing

It was the first sign that Javier Duarte might face judicial pressure to answer claims among Veracruz reporters that his administration is responsible for the killings of journalists.
Daniel Hernandez

Victim in Photojournalist Killing: ‘If Anything Happens to Me,’ It Was the Veracruz Governor

Nadia Vera, 32, was among five victims killed Friday in Mexico, including photographer Ruben Espinosa. She said in November that Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte would be "responsible" if she suffered any attack.
Daniel Hernandez and Rafael Castillo

Women Killed Alongside Mexican Photojournalist Were Tortured and Raped

Three of the four women who were killed along with Ruben Espinosa were assaulted before being shot in the head. Loved ones identified them as friends ranging in ages from 18 to 32, and one 40-year-old house cleaner.
Daniel Hernandez and Rafael Castillo

‘Behave,’ Says Governor of Deadliest State for Reporters in Mexico After String of Murders

"It's for your own good," said Gov. Javier Duarte of Veracruz, where 12 journalists have been killed since he took office. Six have been killed in Mexico so far this year, a tally on track to double from 2014.
Daniel Hernandez and Gabriela Gorbea
middle east

Iran's 'Judge of Death' Presides Over Washington Post Reporter's Trial

More than 300 days after his arrest, the trial of American-Iranian journalist Jason Rezaian finally started on Tuesday in a closed-door court session in Tehran.
Harriet Salem

Fired Mexican News Anchor Asks For Her Job Back, Executives Reply ‘Good Luck’

Carmen Aristegui wanted to return to her slot exposing government corruption, but MVS Communications shot back, saying the relationship was over, permanently.
Daniel Hernandez and Andrea Noel