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Drug Company Pfizer is the Last Company to Block US States From Using its Products in Executions

Pfizer was the last remaining source of lethal injection drugs for US states, as more than 25 other global pharmaceutical companies, including ones in the US, have taken similar steps.
Tess Owen
crime & drugs

Governor Has Until Midnight to Decide If Virginia Will Bring Back the Electric Chair

Virginia lawmakers have approved switching to the electric chair amid a shortage of lethal injection drugs, but Governor Terry McAuliffe could veto the legislation.
Tess Owen

US-UK Row Reopens Over 'Dangerous' Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Shaker Aamer

A US senator claimed this week that Aamer was not transferred to the UK with the full agreement of the US government and military. Meanwhile, British officials said the US case had been "discredited."
Ben Bryant and Namir Shabibi
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Shaker Aamer, the Last Remaining UK Guantanamo Detainee, Has Been Released

Aamer, long acknowledged to be a leader of detainees at the detention facility, was never charged with a crime during the 13 years he spent as a captive of the US government.
Jason Leopold and Ben Bryant
middle east

Plan to Execute Paralyzed Prisoner Called 'A New Low' for Pakistan

The Pakistani government is coming under fire over the scheduled executions of two inmates next week, including one who is permanently disabled.

Shaker Aamer, the Last Remaining British Guantánamo Detainee, Is Finally Going to Be Freed

The inmate, who contributed to a series of VICE stories about the detention center, has been cleared for release since 2007 but will now—at last—get to return to his family.
Oscar Rickett

A Guantanamo Bay Detainee Has Been Sent Home to Morocco and Nobody's Heard from Him Since

Lawyers for Chekkouri say they don't know where he is, and have no been able to speak with or see their client since he arrived on Moroccan soil.

British Political Prisoner Moved to Ethiopian 'Gulag'

It's now more than a year since British citizen Andy Tsege was abducted in Yemen and locked up in a secret Ethiopian jail. His family says the UK government is not doing nearly enough to help.
Oscar Rickett
war and conflict

UK Won't Hesitate Over More Deadly Drone Strikes on Islamic State, Despite Criticism

Critics said the strike that killed a UK citizen in Syria blurred the lines on what Britain was prepared to use such tactics for, but the government said that further fatal strikes are possible.
Reuters and VICE News
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The UK Isn't Bombing the Islamic State in Syria — but British Pilots Are

The UK's parliament voted against any military action in Syria two years ago, but the country's defense ministry today admitted that embedded British personnel are carrying out airstrikes there.
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Another Last-Minute Stay of Execution for Pakistani Prisoner Sentenced as a Juvenile

Shafqat Hussain is thought to have been 14 when he was sentenced to death in an anti-terror court, though he later claimed to have been tortured into a confession.
Sally Hayden

Yemenis Are Taking Germany to Court Over US Drone Strikes

The case, being brought by relatives of men that died in an August 2012 strike in Yemen, rests on the claim that a German air base plays a central role in the US covert drone program.
Ben Bryant