reproductive freedom


Abortion Groups Are Raising Record Amounts Since Alabama’s Ban

“People are finally seeing that this is a real, real threat”


I Was Arrested for Protesting Brett Kavanaugh's Senate Confirmation Hearing

Heidi Sieck, the first member of the public allowed to enter the hearing room, says protesting Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination was worth getting arrested.


How Activists Are Fighting to Save the Last Abortion Clinic in Kentucky

If shut down, Kentucky would be the first state without a single abortion clinic in operation, effectively banning the health service statewide.


Let's Be a Bit More Understanding About Divorce, Says Pope, but Not Gay Marriage or Abortion

The pope is getting lots of credit for calling on the Catholic church to be more modern about family life, but he still says divorce is evil, safe sex messages are narcisstic, and gay marriage is ungodly.


The Planned Parenthood Shooter Was Apparently a Fan of Anti-Abortion Terrorists

A report from the "New York Times" uncovered disturbing new facts about America's latest high-profile murderer.


I Froze My Eggs, Ended Up in the ER, and Almost Lost an Ovary

Three days after I took charge of my reproductive future, I woke in a cold sweat, dry-heaving in pain. Less than .025% of women who freeze their eggs end up with ovarian torsions: Lucky me.