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Both Parents’ Drinking Habits Matter When They’re Trying to Have a Baby

Reproductive health has long focused on the pregnant person's behavior—but their partner's lifestyle is important, too.


Birth Control Pills Might Be Making Teens Depressed

The pill is an amazing feat of medicine, but it's shocking that science doesn’t really know how hormones affect developing brains.


We Don't Really Need to Know 'Why' Women Orgasm

The eagerness to explain the female orgasm from a scientific perspective feels like much ado about nutting.


Vaping May Also Put Women's Fertility at Risk

A study finds that the nicotine and flavorings in vapes affect eggs in ways that would make it more difficult to conceive.


Please, Let's Just Say 'Vagina'

Some social media policies make it harder to use straightforward anatomical terms, which directly contributes to the taboo of talking about our bodies.


What Happens When an Abortion Doesn't Fully Work

I had an incomplete abortion last year. This is what I wish I'd known about them.


Women in Labor Can’t Hold In Their Babies. Nurses Tell Them To Do It Anyway

Mothers in labor are often asked to delay birth to accommodate doctors’ schedules. In many cases, it can have harmful consequences.


Conservatives Are Making Abortion Rights More Popular By Attacking Them

It seems some people don't know what they have until it's almost gone.


Prosecutors Now Say They Might Not Go After Woman Who Miscarried After She Was Shot

In the first state to enshrine fetal personhood in its constitution, the woman is facing manslaughter charges


The Trump Administration Is Coming For Your Birth Control

Reproductive health advocates are already sounding the alarm over new rules finalized Thursday


Doctors Can Legally Inseminate Patients with Their Own Sperm in Most States

When Matt White learned that he shares DNA with his mother's former fertility doctor—and close to 50 half-siblings—he and his mother began pushing legislators to outlaw fertility fraud in Indiana. Now, victims in other states are following suit.