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The Secret Service Paid Trump Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Fly on His Jet

The government's $1.6 million paycheck is just another campaign contribution Trump can funnel back into his own pocket.


Some Guy Snagged $1 Million from Trump Fans with a Fake Dinner Contest

The deceiving website has reportedly fooled over 20,000 donors, collecting $1 million in donations—none of which has made it to the Trump campaign.


Donald Trump Bought a Bunch of His Own Books with $55,000 of Campaign Money

The GOP nominee could be in a lot of trouble for purchasing thousands of copies of Crippled America.


Paul Manafort Is Getting Off the Trump Train

The campaign chairman is calling it quits after a rough stretch where his past work abroad came under scrutiny and new hires diminished his power.


Trump Kinda Sorta Apologized for Being an Asshole

But according to Clinton, it's way too late to say "sorry."


Donald Trump Put a Sarah Palin Superfan in Charge of His Campaign

Donald Trump just brought in Breitbart News executive Stephen Bannon to run his campaign, and chances are that means Trump will amp up the outsider and nationalist rhetoric.


Chris Christie Is Reportedly Being Vetted to Be Donald Trump's Running Mate

Because, according to Trump, "everyone loves a fat guy."


Not Even Ronald Reagan Would Have Voted for Trump, Says Reagan's Son

Conservative political strategist Michael Reagan tweeted Monday that his dad would never have sided with Trump.


Trump Has Officially Won the Republican Nomination

The real estate mogul has finally clinched the delegates necessary to be the GOP's nominee this year, according to the AP.


Obama Wants America to Remember the Election Isn't a 'Reality Show'

It's the first time Obama's spoken out about Trump since the Big Orange Menace became the de facto GOP nominee.


John Boehner Says He'd Back Paul Ryan for President in Contested Convention

A Boehner spokesman emphasized that the comments were only "hypothetical" in the case that none of the candidates currently running can accrue a majority of delegates.