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Trump's Big Tax Plan Lets the Modern Robber Barons Win

The plan is being sold as the path to growth and more jobs, but the reality is that it poses grave risks of returning us to a time when we were at the mercy of billionaire owners of vast monopolies.
Anastasia Christman

The GOP Tax Scheme Was a Very Merry Corporate Christmas Gift

The driving argument behind the controversial tax plan stimulating the American economy was just a front. Wall Street, not Main Street, will reap the rewards.
Patti Lynn
Rise Up

Billionaires Convinced the GOP Congress to Vote for a Bill That Will Cost Us All a Lot of Money

Nobody likes to spend much time or energy preparing their taxes and it seems that Republicans are betting the same holds true when it comes to protesting the massive tax cuts that largely favor America’s wealthiest families and corporations.
Jasper Craven
Rise Up

The GOP Tax Bill Is a Disaster for College Students

Grad students could face a tax burden increase by at least $10,000 annually, while parents with tax dependent college kids could lose out on up to $2,500.
Katelyn Harrop
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Even One Percenters Think Trump's Tax Plan Is Trash

We asked members of the One Percent who would benefit most from the president's huge tax cut to weigh in. Spoiler alert: It's bad.
Eve Peyser
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

What Would Actually Happen if Ted Cruz Abolished the IRS?

Let's get rid of the dumb old IRS! Also, let's make pizza healthy, and make puppies never get old!
Mike Pearl