CBD products are a rip-off for medical marijuana users, study finds

People trying to treat themselves with cannabidiol products likely aren’t getting the care they’re paying for.
Carter Sherman
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Please Tell Nicolas Cage Researchers Found Another Declaration of Independence

The document was discovered in England and is thought to be the only other handwritten copy that exists.
Lauren Messman

How Big Pharma Makes You Think You Have Sex Problems

"It's not just about branding the drug. It's branding the condition."
Ross Benes
Drone Pwn

Watch Hackers Use a Drone-Mounted Laser to Control Malware Through a Scanner

Researchers in Israel have shown off a novel technique that would allow attackers to wirelessly command devices using a laser light, bypassing so-called air gaps.
Kim Zetter

Climate Researchers Are Setting Up an Arctic Base Camp at Davos

The goal: Convince the elite to give a shit about the Arctic.
Jordan Pearson

1300 Scientists Say Canada Needs More Transparency About Environmental Risks

Young scientists and researchers are calling on Ottawa to overhaul how environmental assessments are done.
Kate Lunau

Stoners Are Only Lazy When They're High, Study Finds

Despite the rampant "lazy stoner" stereotype, a new study suggests that people who regularly get high are no more lethargic than their non-smoking counterparts—unless they happen to be stoned.
Gabby Bess

Italian Study Says that Pasta Won't Make You Fat

It’s Italians themselves who are saying pasta's not so bad for your health. It’s sort of like getting medical advice from the sun-bleached stoma that is a Marlboro Man
Alex Swerdloff

Butter Is Officially Not Going to Kill You

Researchers at Tufts University just did a massive study on butter’s effect on our health. They want you to know that butter is OK for you. It may not be super-great for you—but it’s not terrible, either.
Alex Swerdloff
Malaria's Last Stand

What It's Like to Have Malaria 50 Times

Dr. John Lusingu has dedicated his career to studying malaria and searching for a vaccine.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Americans Are More Bisexual Than Ever, Study Says

Researchers found that the percentage of Americans that say they've had a same-sex experience has doubled since the early 1990s for both men and women.
VICE Staff

Why You Should Worry If You Can’t Smell Peanut Butter

And now for the world’s most unlikely scientific discovery: Researchers have found that they can diagnose early Alzheimer’s disease with nothing more than a tablespoon of peanut butter and a ruler.
Alex Swerdloff