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Living Among the Monsters at Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency

On a night when even a power outage couldn't stop her, what impressed us most were the moments Gaga stripped back the neon, sitting alone at the piano.
Dan Gentile
Noisey News

Lol Sorry, Victoria Beckham Says the Spice Girls Won't Tour

She quashed rumours of a slew of arena shows in a new interview with British Vogue.
Lauren O'Neill

Vanderbilt Surgery Resident Says His Program Is Discriminating Against Him

“They didn’t even punish the guy who physically assaulted me,” Eugene Gu says.
Ankita Rao

More Than 50 Medical Groups Urge Congress to Act on DACA

Ending the program would make the doctor shortage worse and could affect care in underserved communities.
Jesse Hicks

A Surprising Number of Medical Residents Think Weed Is an FDA-Approved Drug

A small new survey is more evidence that med schools need to do a better job addressing marijuana.
Ashley Lyles
mental health

Doctors Are Afraid to Seek the Therapy They Often Recommend

Getting mental health support could put their jobs at risk.
Ashley Lyles

Med Students Aren’t Taught How to Prescribe Marijuana

More than half of states have legalized medical weed but med schools haven't caught up yet.
Jesse Hicks
Seriously What?

Wisconsin Bill Would Ban Doctors From Learning How to Perform Abortions

Despite the fact that med schools are required to offer abortion training to residents.
Amber Brenza
We Asked

How Do Medical Residents Stay Awake During Long Shifts?

What happens in the hospital stays in the hospital. Mostly because these doctors were too tired to remember any of it.
Emily Cassel
Art Roadtrip

Now, You Can Apply to a Cross Country Road Trip Arts Residency

Six artists. One RV. Road tripping from New York to Miami.
Andrew Nunes
Tonic Talks

We Talked to the Ex-NFL Player Going to Harvard For Neurosurgery

Myron Rolle is a black athlete who will soon be a black surgeon—two realities that come with contrasting expectations.
Austin Williams
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How Much Do 30-Hour Shifts Suck for Medical Residents?

A lot.
Dhruv Khullar