Resident Evil 7

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Quick Thoughts on Capcom's Inspired, Scary as Hell 'Resident Evil 2' Remake

For the first time in a long time, a survival horror game that actually makes you feel like you're barely surviving.
Patrick Klepek
The Pantheon of Games

Waypoint Plays: Our Favorite Games of 2017

The gods are Extremely Online, and we are their playthings.
Rob Zacny
The Pantheon of Games

Patrick Klepek's Top 10 Games of 2017

2017 was a year of bullshit. But it was ALSO a year of sad robots, horrifying monsters, and chicken dinners.
Patrick Klepek
The Pantheon of Games

Rob Zacny's Top Ten Games of 2017

The games are so good, but you are so afraid, and so angry.
Rob Zacny

We're Revisiting More 2017 Games on Waypoint Radio

Oh, right. 'Gravity Rush 2' DID come out this year.
Patrick Klepek

All the Smaller-But-Still-Cool News From Sony's Paris Event

Between 'Guacamelee 2,' 'The Hong Kong Massacre,' and updates for games like "Monster Hunter World' and Destiny 2,' it was a good lineup.
Patrick Klepek
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What Happened to the VR Revolution?

I spent a lot of money on a headset that I’m not using very much anymore.
Patrick Klepek
Horror Games

Home Is Where the Horror Is In 'Little Nightmares'

Tarsier’s new puzzler presents a powerful vision of terror in a very relatable environment.
Holly Nielsen
resident evil

Capcom Explains the Long, Confusing Journey of Making 'Resident Evil 7'

Originally, they were going to make a sequel in the same style as 'Resident Evil 6.'
Patrick Klepek
The Tight Squeeze Issue

We Reviewed March's Best Books, Music, and Movies

From Catalonian cartoonist Joan Cornellà’s heartbreakingly horrible comics to the new album from black metal band Woe, we reviewed the best of March 2017.
Andrew Katzenstein, Joe Bish, Malcolm Thorndike Nicholson, and more

Can 2017’s Video Games Just Slow the Fuck Down?

You're stressing me out.
Patrick Klepek
Resident Evil 7

Let's Talk About How 'Resident Evil 7' Falls Apart at the End

In the closing hours, 'Resident Evil 7' isn't content to go its own way, falling into the same traps as its predecessors.
Patrick Klepek