We Talked to People Who Are Boycotting Amazon Prime Day

People are claiming that they plan on boycotting Amazon Prime Day. Motherboard spoke with four of these people and asked why they’re boycotting.


Amazon Says Prime Day Is Exploited by Unions

An Amazon spokesperson said in an email to Motherboard that Prime Day is unfairly exploited by “critics” and “unions.”


I Tweeted Like a Member of the #Resistance on Mueller Report Day

I made a #Resistance Twitter account to see if it was easy to join the ecosystem and gain followers. It was, indeed, very easy.


Thousands of UK Students Skipped Class to Protest Climate Change

We were in central London on Friday, speaking to participants in the UK's first-ever Youth Strike 4 Climate protest.


Tom Waits’ New Song of Anti-Fascist Resistance Needed More Teeth

Waits and Marc Ribot's cover of the Italian partisans' anthem "Bella Ciao" should've honored modern revolutionaries, not a milquetoast march.


All the Trump officials who want you to know they definitely did not write the NYT op-ed — and a few who aren't saying

Over two dozen Trump administration officials have come forward to condemn the person who wrote the op-ed or deny writing it themselves — and in some cases, both.


That Anonymous 'NYT' Op-Ed Spawned Some Darkly Amusing Memes

The president is tweeting about treason but at least we can all joke about it online!


LA's New Naked Trump Statue Envisions the President as a Killer Clown

Activist art collective INDECLINE explains why its latest statue is based on serial killer John Wayne Gacy.


Farming as Resistance: Reviving Indigenous Agricultural Practices in Palestine

"If we as Palestinians cannot produce our own food, build our own shelter, have our own energy—how can we get rid of this occupation?”


Statue of Liberty Protester Could Face Up to a Year and a Half in Prison

After scaling the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July to protest Trump's immigration policies, Therese Patricia Okoumou was brought up on three misdemeanor charges.


The Tenacity of Chef Reem Assil

The Palestinian- and Syrian-American chef opens up about the intense racist backlash she faced when her Oakland bakery opened.


This Woman Is Exploring Deep Caves to Find Ancient Antibiotic Resistance

"Hazel’s like the Lara Croft of microbiology.”