Meet the Few Tourists Who Still Go to This Egyptian Resort Despite the Shadow of Terrorism

The once popular Egyptian seaside town has been mostly abandoned since the terrorist attack on a Russian passenger plane, but the few vacationers who do go have all the beach chairs and buffets to themselves.
Sanne Zurné
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The Last 'Trump' Casino in Atlantic City Is Closing

The last of the casinos bearing Trump's name in Atlantic City will close its doors after Labor Day weekend.
VICE Staff

Tunisian Officials Detain Eight and Hunt Three Men Allegedly Involved in Sousse Massacre

Authorities have tightened security at tourist sites in an attempt to reassure visitors in the wake of the Tunisian beach resort attack.
Pierre Longeray

Photos of Senior Citizens Having a Spanish Loliday

Benidorm's promenade is covered in leather-skinned elderly tourists with a penchant for linen outfits and sherry.
Tine Schoemaker

Welcome to Jumbo, a British Columbia Municipality with No Residents

Projected to cost British Columbian taxpayers $1 million over the next four years, this empty town was created to support a decades-old resort project that can't seem to get its shit together.
Sarah Berman

Summit The Southern Alps In This Gorgeous Mountainside Timelapse

Filmmaker Lukas Unterholzner's impressionistic timelapse from an Italian mountan resort brings you chilling natural beauty in the comfort of your own home.
Beckett Mufson

Groovefest 2014 Recap: A Seven Day Party in Paradise

A resort in the Dominican Republic somehow attracted the best DJ talent on earth for the best-kept-secret festival of the year.
David Garber

Huang's World: Chengdu, Part 2

We head to China's Dead Sea Resort, where Eddie lightens up with a refreshing salt burial, swims in one of the world's most crowded swimming pools, and samples baby pig dick.
Eddie Huang
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Ones and Zeros 5/24/11: Boldly Relaxing Where No Man's Relaxed Before, Twitpic Owns Our Pics

_Trekkies may actually get some sun this summer._ h3. ONE: How the brain bounces back from trauma ("Scientific American": h3. ZERO: YouTube extends plans for ads before...
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