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This 'GoT'/'Sesame Street' Crossover Would Be Way Better if Elmo Killed a Guy

Stake your claim to the Iron Throne, you trusting Muppet fool.
River Donaghey

Aretha Franklin's Sketch of Black Femininity

The iconic musician embodied the trials and tribulations that all black women could relate to, and provided the blueprint to alleviate them.
Kaila Philo

Aretha the Legend Is Gone; Aretha the Asteroid Orbits On

Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, has died at 76. But her legacy will not be forgotten.
Becky Ferreira
youth culture

I Went to a Workshop on How to Deal with Loitering Teens

A room filled with worried baby boomers, a 72-year-old "expert in street culture," and an actor playing a loitering teen—a recipe for a wonderful afternoon.
Pien Goutier

4 Gamers Explain Why They Make Other Players' Lives a Living Hell

It's a problem as old as video games: Gamers insult, harass and threaten other players—despite the risk of being booted from the game. Four flamers confess why they can't shake the habit.
Dominik Schott
national anthem

Cavs Fan, Bears Mascot Disrespect Flag, America, and Themselves During National Anthem

There was a lot of disrespect in Chicago last night.
Sean Newell

EDC's 20-Year Anniversary Poster is a Secret Tribute to One of the Greatest Album Covers of All Time

The strikingly familiar image proves remixing isn't limited to music.
Michaelangelo Matos
Golden State Warriors

Reporter Goes on Twitter Spree About Steph Curry and Draymond Green Disrespecting Utah Jazz

Man, get a grip.
Sean Newell

A Sex Worker Explains How to Talk to Sex Workers

I would be an ass if I didn't understand that sex and money are compelling subjects, but you would be an ass if you didn't understand that I don't want to be singled out as entertainment.
April Adams
deep dives

Respect Turns 16. This is the Story of Drum and Bass in Los Angeles

The drum and bass weekly has been a constant since the days of jungle. Now it's time to celebrate.
Jemayel Khawaja