Baltimore Crab Restaurant Changes Dress Code After Being Accused of Blatant Discrimination

Prohibited items of clothing included baggy clothing, "athletic attire," "jerseys except on game days for Baltimore teams," and work boots.


It's Tuesday, February 19, and This Restaurant Will Serve Only Airline Food

Plus, cleaning out your old Tupperware collection could spark joy—and cash.


A Fish & Chip Shop Called 'The Battered Wife' Says It’s Been Shamed Into Closing

"I’ve been the subject of an abusive witch hunt by a not-for-profit organisation who are anti-abuse," the owner wrote on Facebook.


Two Men Arrested in Café for Allegedly Impersonating FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security

When the manager told them that dogs weren’t allowed, the pair claimed to be FBI agents.


Restaurant Offers Reward for Information on 'Scumbag' 'Vermin' Who Stole Its Decorative Cacti

The restaurant is offering $200 to anyone who can return the cacti or provide details about their whereabouts.


Denver Restaurant Would Love for People to Stop Driving Cars Through Its Wall

The Hornet is not a drive-thru, but three drivers this year have thought otherwise.


Highly Appealing Life-Size Leatherface Stolen from Georgia Restaurant

Whoever ​wanted to ​look into the lifeless eyes of this classic killer was quickly thwarted by the groundswell of citizen engagement.


British Man Tries to Take Down Neighboring Restaurant for Making His House Smell Like Garlic

"You may have noticed a message from our neighbor in the window making derogatory claims..."


Ted Cruz Got Heckled Out of a Restaurant over His 'Best Friend' Kavanaugh

Protesters screamed "we believe survivors" at him and his wife in a glitzy Italian joint in DC.


The Old Country Buffet Was My Immigrant Father's American Dream

He saw the abundance of the Old Country Buffet as a symbol of his success, proof that he had transcended his old identity as a poor immigrant.


Any Restaurant Can Call Itself 'Organic' and Get Away with It

As long as they're making a "reasonable" effort.


Protesters Chased Mitch McConnell from a Restaurant Chanting 'Turtle Head'

The group shouted at the Senate Majority Leader about the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.