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Upscale London Restaurant Implements 'Surge Pricing'

Wanna dine at prime time? It's gonna cost ya.
Nick Rose
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Private Chef for a Gazillionaire Is Essentially Indentured Servitude with Perks

Once you’ve reached a certain point in life, any X amount of dollars past that won’t make you happier. I meet plenty of miserable rich bastards who are angry about all these things. They should be happy and live wonderful lives. But they’re just people.
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Six Lessons on Becoming a Cooking Legend from Cecilia Chiang

The 97-year-old woman who introduced Westerners to high-end Chinese cuisine still parties as hard as she works—which is to say, a lot.
Siena Chiang

This Is the Secret to Finding and Keeping Good Line Cooks

It all boils down to one simple thing: respect.
Mario Christerna

What Will It Take to Make Restaurants Safe for Women Working Front-of-House?

Service jobs are the first work environments that many young women experience—and where they're first taught to endure harassment.
Ashley Goldsmith
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How Being a Line Cook Ruined Me

When you exist outside of regular society, when the nine-to-five gig is as foreign to you as going somewhere hot for a vacation, it makes it easier to indulge in the wilder, untamed side of things.
Ivy Knight
Restaurant Confessionals

Why You Should Never Cancel Your Dinner Reservation Last Minute

In a restaurant the size of mine, our margins are so tight that if I get a table of four that doesn’t turn up, the best I can hope for is to break even.

Which Restaurants Will Suffer the Most Under a Higher Minimum Wage?

"We don’t want our paper to serve as a mouthpiece for or against raising the minimum wage."
Alex Swerdloff

Meet the Women Who Are Leading Puerto Rico's Bar and Restaurant Scene

The unofficial crew, who dubbed themselves the "damas cívicas," provides mutual support in an industry that can feel overwhelmingly male-dominated.
Alicia Kennedy

The Shitty Reality of Dining Out as a Person of Color

It sucks to have to worry about being stereotyped when you just want to have a nice time at a restaurant.
Sarah Hagi

Why This 3-Star Restaurant Has a 3-Day Workweek

In stark contrast to the industry's 15-hour shifts and 85-hour weeks, Maaemo gives its chefs four days off in a row.
Lisa Abend
Fast Food

3,000 NYC Fast Food Workers Sign Petition for Better Conditions and Organizing Rights

The workers are advocating for bills that would tackle the issue of “clopenings” and allow them more latitude to organize.
Alex Swerdloff