45 Google Employees Explain How They Were Retaliated Against for Reporting Abuse

A leaked document highlights stories of abuse and retaliation against Google employees, told by the employees themselves.


Former Google Employee Plans to Sue for Pregnancy Discrimination

The author of a viral memo accusing Google of discriminating and retaliating against her for being pregnant went public to reveal her name and her plans to file a lawsuit against the tech giant.


Google Employee Alleges Discrimination Against Pregnant Women in Viral Memo

The memo, titled “I’m Not Returning to Google After Maternity Leave, and Here is Why,” has been read by more than 10,000 employees at the company.


Uber’s facing another lawsuit for sexual harassment

A former Uber engineer sued the ride hailing service Monday, alleging sexual harassment, gender and race discrimination, and retaliation against her when she tried to report her experiences to HR.


VICE News Capsule - Thursday, June 25

Residents of a Shanghai suburb don't want petrochemicals in their neighborhood, al Shabaab targets a vehicle carrying Emirati diplomats in Mogadishu, Russia's retaliation for extended sanctions, and how drought is affecting animals in Chile.


A Hot-Dog-Selling Blogger Told Us About the Alleged Corrupt Cop He Says Tried to Kill Him

Ean Bordeaux sells hot dogs in Little Rock, Arkansas, and crusades against police corruption. He believes his writing drove one ex-cop to plot an attempt on his life.


Baseball Players: Please Stop Throwing Balls Really Fast at One Another

Andrew McCutchen got hit in the back by a fastball for incredibly stupid reasons.


Will Egypt's Mass Death Sentence of 529 Muslim Brotherhood Members Provoke More Violence?

If Mohammed Badie is sentenced to death—and even if that sentence is ultimately commuted—it's likely that the response from Brotherhood members won't be nearly as restrained as it has been in the past.