Researchers Retract Study That Said Fake News Is Just as Likely to Go Viral as the Truth

A paper that claimed the quality of information doesn't factor into how viral it becomes under conditions of "information overload" has been retracted.


Anonymous Internet Vigilantes Are Taking Peer Review Into Their Own Hands

PubPeer users went from discussing papers to hunting down fraud—and have embroiled the site in the most important internet privacy case you've never heard of.


Fraud, Misconduct, Mistakes: This Blog Finds the Stories Behind Retracted Papers

Five years on, Retraction Watch continues to push harder for transparency in scientific publishing.


Uncovering Fraudulent Research Could Be As Easy As Looking At Language

Flowery language may actually be the best way to tell if a study is complete bullshit.


Hippy Crack: A Retraction

In an article published yesterday we erroneously implied that the Daily Mail's use of the term "hippy crack" was both lame and inaccurate. It has been brought to our attention that this is not the case. VICE regrets the error.