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‘The Running Man’ Is the Perfect Dystopian Movie For Trump’s Inauguration

It's the 30th anniversary of the cheesy 80s Schwarzenegger dystopian action flick, but it's never felt more timely.
Daniel Oberhaus
short circuit

'Fallout 4' in Virtual Reality Isn't As Fun As It Sounds

Shooting raiders is generally fun, but the technology suffers from poor movement and visuals.
Leif Johnson

Today in Relevant 90s Movies: the 1990 Sci-Fi Masterpiece 'Robot Jox'

If we’re going to settle global indifferences with one-on-one mech fights, so be it.
Zack Kotzer

If We Want Anyone to Remember Humanity, We Need to Talk About Time Capsules

It takes a special, lonely kind of madness to consider, and plan for, a future thousands of years beyond the boundaries of our own graves.
Claire L. Evans

This Awesome DIY Machine Cuts Vinyl Records in Mere Minutes

Analog is dead, long live analog.
Meghan Neal
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Egypt Loves Internet Porn, But Just Banned It

Backed by "Pure Net," a Salafist Muslim grassroots organization, conservative Egyptian public-prosecutor Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud has decided it's time to finally "enforce":
Daniel Stuckey
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This Burlesque Movie by the 'Reefer Madness' Director Is Totally Nuts (NSFW)

an abridgment of a 1938 exploitation film "Sex Madness" and a few words on the burlesque revival.
Mclean Gordon
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Are We Still on Talking Terms? A Case for Landlines

Here I am, in present day Astoria, Queens, on my landline. There are no tricks in this image, no filters, only a bit of cropping. I'm on my "AT&T trim-line 210": It's no...
Daniel Stuckey

Cell Phone's Dead

A few months ago, I received a call from Johnny Carson, a man for whom I was once privileged to work. There was no doubt that it was Johnny because as my iPhone trilled its canned, bluesy theme, the screen lit up with the contact photo I had once...
Michael Barrie
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Mercedes' 2014 Electric SLS Comes With an Imagination

If you haven't already seen it in a malaise of this morning's headlines, Mercedes-Benz has just unsheathed its electric sex machine in Paris. The "$579,417": 201...
Daniel Stuckey
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Myspace Wants to Be Pintumblfacergramify

Oh my, have you seen MySpace's fresh promo video? I think the veteran social network is finally sick of 187th place on the Internet. Now, the site is offering something I don't think many other networks have planned or thought of. Myspace is placing...
Daniel Stuckey
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Fire in the Screen: The Flash Of Insight That Led Bill Moggridge To Design the Clamshell Laptop

Bill Moggridge, inventor of the laptop "clamshell" design passed away Saturday. His invention defined the portable computer, and his vision of the computer as an interactive device changed how people live.
Mclean Gordon