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The Apple II Edutainment Game 'All About America' Was Cracked Just in Time for the Midterms

Brush up on some mostly-accurate US history with a game that came on floppy disks.


The Genesis Cover for 'Sonic Mania Plus' Celebrates 90s Sega Box Art

The physical re-issue of 'Sonic Mania' has a reversible cover and mini artbook that both tug on the nostalgia strings.


What’s a Game That You Heard About As a Kid, But Didn’t Play Until Later?

Most of my early Resident Evil experiences were… extremely vicarious.


'ActRaiser’ Was More Than an SNES Classic, It Was a Leap of Faith

A one-of-a-kind 16-bit adventure led a push toward meaningful topics in the Nintendo era.


Parsing the Secret History of Adventure Games and Sierra

A new paper takes aim at our assumptions about Sierra On-Line and what the adventure game genre looked like in the 1980s.


I Miss How Weird Games Used to Be

The best part of retro games is how different they are from each other.


'Super Mario Galaxy' Was Brilliant, But Motion Controls Ruined It

The Wii was ostensibly designed to be more accessible to more kinds of players. But motion controls don’t work for everyone.


Five Years Later, 'Dishonored' is Still a Revolutionary, Nasty Game

Happy Dishonored Halloween!


15 Years Later, Why Animal Crossing Has Always Felt Like Home

The original game launched 15 years ago today, in North America.


'Street Fighter 2' Is Back, Sold out, Might Set Your SNES on Fire

M. Bison says: “Only (shor)yuken prevent SNES fires.”


15 Years Later, 'Super Mario Sunshine' Still Makes Me Smile

Mario’s first GameCube outing turns 15 this week.


In 'Mario + Rabbids,' Banjo-Kazooie's Composer Has Another Great Soundtrack

It sounds just like the beloved N64 games and for good reason—they have the same composer.