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Venezuelans Tell Us Why They're Demanding Change In Their Country

We spent the weekend on the Venezuela-Colombia border with people who risked their lives trying to bring vital humanitarian aid into their country.
Alex Domash
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Obama Managed to Make Jury Duty Look Like the Shit

For perhaps the first and last time, a roomful of potential jurors were psyched to be stuck in court.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Obama Spent His First Few Days as a Former President Kitesurfing

Watch the former president enjoy not being president anymore in a new video from his vacation with billionaire Richard Branson.
River Donaghey

Everything You Need to Know About What Happened at the UN Drug Convention

What could have been a chance for the world to take a progressive approach to drugs ended up as a huge waste of time.
Sophia Hyatt
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We Meet a Model-Turned-Artist Reimagining the Female Form on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then the Creators Project takes us inside New York's Armory Show art fair to discuss the fetishization of African art and Motherboard goes behind the scenes of Richard Branson's Bitcoin summit.
VICE Staff

Eight Things Worth the Same Amount as Candy Crush

King Digital Entertainment—the company behind Candy Crush—is being sold to Activision Blizzard for $5.9 billion. Here's what else you could buy with that cash.
Joe Goodman

​We Asked an Expert What Would Happen If the UK Decriminalized All Drugs

The UN was apparently about to release a report advising exactly that this week before suddenly changing its mind.
Joe Goodman

Photographer Ryan Lowry Makes Beautiful Images Out of Nothing

I sat down with him to talk about Instagram, Chief Keef, and photographing billionaires.
Aidan Johnston

All Aboard the UK's First Shit-Powered Bus

Bath Bus Company has announced a new "Bio-Bus" that has begun shuttling merrily between Bath and Bristol Airport this week, fueled exclusively by human turds and piss.
Joel Golby

The Establishment Turns Against the Drug War

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, billionaire Richard Branson and a half-dozen ex-presidents say it's time to discuss legalizing drugs. But don't hold your breath waiting for change.
Charles Davis

Virgin Galactic Takes A Few More Small Steps Toward The First Commercial Space Flight

<p>With <span class="caps">NASA</span> out of the game, commercial enterprises could be the future.</p>
Kevin Holmes