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Kyrie Irving: "The Earth Is Flat"

"Can you really think of us rotating around the sun and all planets aligned rotating in specific dates being perpendicular with what's going on with these planets and stuff like this?"


Kyrie Irving Offers to Pay Fine For Richard Jefferson's Wink at Kevin Durant

Though $2,000 is probably good karma for Jefferson—he did get away with that suspicious trip at the end of the game, after all.


The Kevin Love-less Cavs Flipped The Script On The Warriors, So Now What?

Cleveland halted Golden State's NBA Finals momentum with a big Game 3 win, but the Cavs have major decisions to make about Kevin Love's role heading into Game 4.


Richard Jefferson, Cleveland's Wonderfully Unexpected Savior

If before the Finals began someone had told the Golden State Warriors that Jefferson would be one of Cleveland's four most important players, they would have been thrilled.


Steve Kerr, Destroyer Of Whiteboards, And Other NBA Finals Moments: The Corbin Smith Review Of Online Highlights

A journey to the dark heart of Steve Kerr's whiteboard-destroying rage, as led by a guy who generally doesn't get too angry about stuff. Also, uh, Richard Jefferson.


The Cavs Got Held Up at Customs on the Way to Toronto

Pretty convenient that customs agents in Toronto wouldn't let the Cavaliers through.