Richard Osmond

    • 2.6.17

      Meet the Foragers Getting High on Mugwort

      I joined forager Richard Osmond in search of mugwort, a relative of wormwood, the flavoring agent in absinthe. It’s also known for the inducement of weird dreams.

    • 6.13.16

      Yarrow Plant Could Make You a Less Awful Drunk

      There’s no consensus on what yarrow—a plant known for its anesthetic qualities—does mentally. “But I’ve read reports of people using it with alcohol to take away the negative effects and stimulate conversation,” says British forager Richard Osmond.

    • 1.29.16

      Making a Magic Mushroom Risotto from Foraged Fungi

      Fly agaric is the archetypal red-and-white toadstool and a “legal” magic mushroom. It also goes great in a risotto.