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Rick Gates and Mike Flynn Just Got Subpoenaed by House Democrats

Democrats are now calling in direct witnesses.
Greg Walters
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A top Trump aide asked an Israeli company for help to take Ted Cruz out of the 2016 election

Rick Gates reportedly contacted Psy-Group seeking fake online personas to help sway delegates to the Republican National Convention.
David Gilbert

Rick Gates spills the beans on the super-rich Ukrainians who paid Paul Manafort millions

On Tuesday, Gates switched from detailing the crimes the pair committed together to talking about wealthy Ukrainians
Greg Walters
Jack Brewster
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Mueller's star witness Rick Gates is about to take the stand in the trial of Paul Manafort

Manafort's attorneys are expected to portray Gates as a liar who "embezzled millions."
Greg Walters
Jack Brewster
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Manafort has a new scapegoat in his defense against Mueller

Manafort’s decision to go directly after Rick Gates could throw a wrench in the Russia investigation.
Greg Walters
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The Russia investigation just sent its first person to jail

A federal judge sentenced Alex van der Zwaan to 30 days in jail and a $20,000 fine for lying to special counsel Robert Mueller.
Taylor Dolven
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Bombshell Mueller court filing shows Rick Gates was knowingly in contact with a Kremlin spy

Gates was “directly communicating in September and October 2016” with an unidentified person who “has ties to a Russian intelligence service and had such ties in 2016.”
David Gilbert
rick gates

Another former Trump aide flipped in the Russia investigation

He's the third Trump aide to plead guilty in the special investigation
Taylor Dolven
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Mueller hits Manafort and Gates with new charges in 32-count indictment

Indictment alleges Manafort emailed his son-in-law to remind him they were committing fraud
Taylor Dolven
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The Manafort indictment is killing D.C.'s secret lobbying business

Lobbyists and media consultants are lawyering up to tell the DOJ what they've been doing.
Alex Thompson
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Donald Trump's highly abnormal presidency: the week of Oct. 30

He lamented he can't do what he'd "love to be doing" because he's not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department.
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Mueller’s indictment of Manafort was written to terrify K Street

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's indictment includes a staggering amount of detail about how Manafort and Gates laundered tens of millions of dollars to cover up their work for Ukraine over the course of nearly a decade.
Christina Sterbenz