Rick Ross


RIP (???) to OVO Fest, Toronto's Number One Source of FOMO

After eight good years, Drake's OVO Fest has come to a quiet end. We think.
Jabbari Weekes

Rick Ross Thinks Polo Is Kinda Like Hip-Hop

Rick Ross joins 2 Chainz to get a taste of that "horse life."
Sarah Bellman
Noisey News

Report: Rick Ross Hospitalized Following a "Medical Crisis"

The rapper was "found unresponsive" at his Florida home on Thursday morning, according to accounts from Billboard and TMZ.
Colin Joyce
Internet Exploring

Watch a MSNBC Dork Use Rick Ross' "9 Piece" to Explain Russian Indictments

MSNBC's Ari Melber quoted the Teflon Don to a panel of middle-aged white people.
Kristin Corry

Scenes From Philadelphia's Rally to #FREEMEEKMILL

Rick Ross, PNB Rock, Dr. J, and more came out to support Philly's hometown hero.
Lawrence Burney
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Nicki Minaj Had to Persuade Kanye West to Keep "Monster" on His Album

How different things might have been...
Lauren O'Neill
Important Questions Raised By...

Rick Ross Squeezing into a Race Car Says a Lot About the Human Condition

Shout out to all the car.
Phil Witmer
A Year of Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne in One Word: Immaculate

An appreciation of "Maybach Music 2," one of best songs ever.
Kyle Kramer
A Year of Lil Wayne

We Need Lil Wayne Around No Matter What Kind of Songs He's Making

The rapper was hospitalized yesterday for a seizure, bringing up bad memories of past incidents.
Kyle Kramer
A Year of Lil Wayne

"I'm on One" Is Drake and Lil Wayne's Freaky Friday

Where Drake was another weapon in the arsenal of those early group hits, here he's the big gun, the guy who makes it a hit.
Kyle Kramer

How Cults Use YouTube for Recruitment

You can now unknowingly be recruited into a cult without leaving your home.
Mack Lamoureux
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Rick Ross Has Apologized for His Comments About Female Rappers

He'd said he'd never signed woman artists because he'd probably have sex with them.
Lauren O'Neill