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Is the GOP Healthcare Plan Actually an April Fools' Prank?

It's the only way to explain what Republicans have been doing and saying on healthcare.
Harry Cheadle
2018 election

Everybody Chill Out About the Florida Recounts

Amid court battles, accusations of fraud, and fears of a repeat of 2000, Florida is sorting out who won three key elections.
Francisco Alvarado
red tide

Toxic Red Tide Spreads From Florida's Gulf Coast Into Atlantic Waters

Beaches were temporarily closed in Miami and Palm Beach this week as Florida's algae bloom spread.
Becky Ferreira
climate change

Florida Will Be Underwater Soon but Republicans Won't Do Anything About It

The state's newspapers are teaming up in an effort to force people to pay attention.
Harry Cheadle

Florida's Republican Governor Is Fighting to Keep a Jim Crow-Era Voting System

And it might help Rick Scott become the state's next senator.
Francisco Alvarado

What You Should Know About Hurricane Irma So Far

As the powerful storm heads into the US, millions are bracing for its impact.
John Surico
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Irma kills at least 19 in Caribbean, storms force ICE to scrap "mega" immigration raids, court extends list of relatives exempt from travel ban, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Florida Cops Pulled Over Black State Prosecutor for 'Really Dark' Windows

Footage from the traffic stop shows the officers awkwardly backpedaling once they realize who Aramis Ayala is, without any reason to cite her.
Drew Schwartz
Donald Trump

Floridians Wonder How President-Elect Trump Will Deal With Their Rising Seas

Florida chose climate-change skeptic Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, but the threat of climate change is already a reality in parts of the state.
Zak Bennett

Floridians Are Shrugging Off A Hurricane and Zika. But It’s Just the Beginning.

“Summer down here in Miami has been a real hoot, first we had Zika and now we had Hurricane Matthew."
Ankita Rao, Max Reed

Zika Is Driving Miami Into Debt

There are 571 cases of Zika in Florida, and Congress has spent $0 on curbing the virus so far.
Meredith Rutland Bauer

Meet the Florida Woman Who Became an Internet Hero for Calling Republican Governor Rick Scott an 'Asshole'

When Florida Governor Rick Scott walked into a Gainesville Starbucks, Cara Jennings told him exactly how his policies are screwing over the poor and women in need of healthcare.
Michael Patrick Welch