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Maduro's Police Just Towed an Opposition Leader's Car — with Him Still in It

“The dictatorship has kidnapped the Vice President of the Assembly at the hands of his political police,” Juan Guaidó tweeted.
David Gilbert
military options

Trump’s Venezuela War Hawks Are Freaking Out Congress

“The Monroe Doctrine is alive and well in the United States.“
Matt Laslo
arming teachers

The Florida Senate just voted to let teachers bring guns into the classroom

The bill is now expected to sail through the Republican-controlled House.
Tess Owen
Views My Own

Is the GOP Healthcare Plan Actually an April Fools' Prank?

It's the only way to explain what Republicans have been doing and saying on healthcare.
Harry Cheadle

Trump wants a local Florida elections official fired over conspiracy theories with zero evidence

President Donald Trump, as he is wont to do, has called for the firing of a person he disagrees with.
Rex Santus
Florida recount

Rick Scott has 5 ongoing lawsuits in his Senate run. Now, he's the one getting sued.

A large group of Florida voters and organizations filed a lawsuit against Scott on Monday for illegal abuse of power and conflicts of interest in the electoral process.
Miranda Levingston
2018 election

Everybody Chill Out About the Florida Recounts

Amid court battles, accusations of fraud, and fears of a repeat of 2000, Florida is sorting out who won three key elections.
Francisco Alvarado

Rick Scott thinks regular vote counting is a left-wing conspiracy to "steal" his election

Florida election officials are still counting mail-in and provisional ballots, which are very inconveniently shrinking Scott's lead.
Emma Ockerman

Republican Rick Scott wins tight race for Florida Senate

Scott had positioned himself as a stalwart ally of President Donald Trump, but as the midterms neared, he kept the president at a noticeable distance.
Tess Owen
red tide

Toxic Red Tide Spreads From Florida's Gulf Coast Into Atlantic Waters

Beaches were temporarily closed in Miami and Palm Beach this week as Florida's algae bloom spread.
Becky Ferreira

Toxic algae won't leave Florida's coasts alone

It's even become a campaign issue in the governor's race.
Emma Ockerman
hurricane maria

Even Republicans are countering Trump's baseless claim about Hurricane Maria deaths

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, for one, defended the independent study that said thousands were lost
Emma Ockerman