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Election loser Scott Walker just signed a bill stripping his Democratic successor of powers

The Wisconsin governor defended his actions during a lame-duck session by saying the state just generally needed to redistribute some government power
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Flint Water Crisis

Flint health chief could get 15 years for tainted water death

Tess Owen
Flint Water Crisis

Four more Flint officials face felony "conspiracy" charges over water crisis

Tess Owen

School choice gutted Detroit’s public schools. The rest of the country is next.

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Detroit students are suing the state of Michigan for depriving them of literacy

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Flint Water Crisis

As Obama Travels to Flint, Congress Has Yet to Help Lead-Contaminated Cities

The president makes a visit to Flint on Wednesday, a city that has become synonymous with failed government and America's crumbling infrastructure.
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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Is Drinking Flint's Water Every Day For a Month

The action, says the governor, is to help restore public trust in the city's drinking water supply, which — if properly filtered — is once again safe to drink, according to state officials.
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Michigan's Governor Is Going to Drink Flint Tap Water for a Month

Rick Snyder wants to show the people of Flint their water isn't dangerous anymore—as long as it's filtered.
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Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's Aides Were Concerned About Flint's Water in 2014

In emails released today by the governor's office, a top Snyder aide warned in October 2014 that Flint's water quality was "downright scary."
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The Michigan Officials Responsible for Flint's Water Crisis Could Face Manslaughter Charges

The special prosecutor appointed by Michigan's attorney general to investigate the crisis says criminal charges could be brought against public officials found responsible for any deaths linked to Flint's contaminated water.
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'Smothering the Outcry': The Inside Story of How the State of Michigan Poisoned Flint

A decades-long economic breakdown, botched government oversight, and, residents argue, the suspension of the democratic process itself all led to the city of 100,000 drinking water with the potential to kill them.
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On The Line: Kayla Ruble Discusses the Flint Water Emergency

VICE News journalist Kayla Ruble joined 'On The Line' to take your questions about lead contaminated water in Flint, MI, and the impact on Flint’s residents.