Scooter Companies Have Two Weeks to Get Off the Streets of San Francisco

The City of San Francisco just gave scooter companies Bird, Spin, and Lime an ultimatum: Get off the street and apply for a permit, or else.
Sarah Emerson
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The Gig Economy Workers Who Power the Scooter Ridesharing Craze for a Pittance

People are hoarding electric scooters and going into other people's homes to retrieve them.
Sarah Emerson
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People in San Francisco are really pissed over these electric scooters

A fleet of app-controlled electric scooters were dumped on the streets of San Francisco last month. People hate them.
Nigel Duara

103 Uber Drivers Accused of Sexual Assault Over 4 Years

A report by CNN uncovered 103 drivers accused of assaulting and abusing riders within the last four years.
Samantha Cole
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Ridesharing Is Making It Harder Than Ever to Commit to a One-Car Relationship

What does owning a car mean when you can hop in and out of everyone else’s?
Kate Fane

Ride-Hailing Is Deepening Social and Economic Inequity in the US

It’s making public transit worse.
Tracey Lindeman
Uber Pissed

Uber Is Throwing a Tantrum and Exiting Quebec

No more Ubers for Quebecers.
Jordan Pearson
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Uber Won't Say Whether Its Public Transit Initiative Is Making Money

But the city loves it.
Jordan Pearson
Happy Ramadan

This Ridesharing App Will Get You to the Mosque Every Night Through Ramadan

MSociety, a group of Muslim youth coders, is behind the idea, which just launched in Singapore.
Samar Warsi
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Uber Is Using AI to Charge People as Much as Possible for a Ride

And now critics worry about what comes next.
Jordan Pearson
Uber Fails

This Is Uber’s Terrible Response When Someone Steals Your Ride

When this rider asked for a refund for a ride stolen out from under her, Uber initially declined, saying: 'we will likely not see eye-to-eye.'
Samantha Cole
Uber in India

More Trouble for Uber: 100,000 Drivers in India Went on Strike

The 13-day strike is slowing down as government officials meet with ridesharing companies and their drivers. But Uber India's problems are far from over.
Suman Naishadham