Bully Are Back with the Raging One-Two Punch of "Feel the Same"

It's the first new track from their newly-announced second album 'Losing.'


Jaden Smith Goes to the Desert and Is Cool in the New “Watch Me” Video

Jaden Smith loves cool cars and leather jackets and riffs and that's awesome.


There's A Shred Lord Offering Free Metal Riffs in Suburban Yards

It turns out that real heroes do wear capes.


Discwoman Co-Founder Umfang Wants Listeners to Feel Her "Force" on New 1080p EP

"It's really inspiring to me when I see women that are so attracted to the heaviest sounds."


Beastwars Is Dead, Long Live Beastwars

"This is our final statement, the last ledger entry found on the ghost ship. Is it any good? Will it be loved? The listener will decide."


What I Learned Growing Up as a Very Serious Fan of The Darkness

“The song, ‘I Believe In a Thing Called Love’ has changed my life. I am now a full on rocker!” read my diary on 20th September, 2003.


Swedish Rock'n'Rollers Hypnos Give Graveyard a Run for their Money with "I'm on the Run"

Hypnos bring the bluesiness of Graveyard, the guitar solos of Thin Lizzy, and hooks reminiscent of the catchiest tracks of Judas Priest's catalog.


Premiere: Mindsnare Pay Tribute to Lemmy with a Cover of Motörhead’s ‘Mean Machine’

The Melbourne hardcore legends crank up the volume and riffs on this classic piece of hard rock.


Meet Hevisaurus, the Heavy Metal Dinosaur Band That Scandinavian Kids Are Obsessed With

They are bloodthirsty warrior beasts, yes, but bloodthirsty warrior beasts that drink milk, eat cookies, and stay in school, YEAH!


PREMIERE: 'Face the Master' on Doom Trio Shroud Eater's Riff-Slinging New EP

Stream the burly Florida trio's new EP for Primitive Violence Records & Visual.