The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Parkland survivors confront lawmakers on gun control, local deputies to carry rifles at schools in Florida county, right-wing pundits angry after Twitter suspends thousands of bots, and more.
VICE Staff

Even the NRA thinks bump stocks should be regulated

Alexa Liautaud
gun violence

Americans Want More Guns Under the Tree This Year

Firearm sales over the holiday season soar amid increased fear of terrorism attacks and perceived tightening of gun control laws.
Liz Fields
the internet

Cooking Bacon on the Barrel of Your Gun Is the Most American Thing Ever

Gun enthusiasts are taking to YouTube to show off their favorite new culinary appliance for cooking up a few bacon strips: assault rifles. This is the new face of patriotism.
Hilary Pollack

Power, Fantasy, and Gangland Killings: Journalist Iain Overton Examines Gun Culture Across the Globe

"When a man has a gun in his hand, he becomes somebody different—the entire power mechanism is changed."
Alice Tchernookova

Unsafe Access to Guns a Leading Cause of Death Among Children and Teens

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence says that every day, 48 children are wounded or killed by gunfire across the US.
Liz Fields

Thai Army Hands Out Weapons to Civilians in Southern Conflict

The military government has distributed 2,700 Heckler and Koch assault rifles to volunteers fighting the Muslim insurgency, a move observers say will only fuel violence.
George Henton

Reddit's Gun Community Takes Aim at 'Novice' Over-Militarized Police in Ferguson

"They are wasting a lot of money for no other reason than to look like characters from Call of Duty."
Brian Merchant

We'll Always Have School Shootings Because We Really Really Love Guns

The NRA may be a bloated, possibly corrupt, excessively powerful lobbying force, but it's also the mouthpiece of a fandom more widespread than Bronies, Trekkies, and Furries combined and multiplied by a hundred.
Mike Pearl

A Brief History of Female Rampage Killers

While it can't be said that the first post–Elliot Rodger killing spree had a female perpetrator—killing sprees are just too common for that—the fact that one of these killers wasn't a dude makes for at least an interesting footnote.
Mike Pearl

UPDATE: Actually, the NRA Doesn't Think It's Weird to Wave Guns Around at Chili’s

Is the NRA going soft? If you’re an open carry activist in Texas who likes to show up at Jack In The Box and scare motorists with your semi-automatic assault rifle then the answer is yes.
Grace Wyler

Groin Gazing

Hi everyone, here is a fashion shoot starring boners. Photos by Claire Milbrath. Styling by Mila Franovic.
Claire Milbrath