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British White Supremacist Behind the “Punish a Muslim” Campaign Was Just Sentenced to 12 years in Prison

The former IT analyst also sent fake anthrax to the Queen and fan mail to Dylann Roof.


Gun-Toting Militias Are Now Part of Local Politics Thanks to Trump

When self-designated patriot groups first emerged during the early 90s, they identified as enemies of the "New World Order." Now they're playing the game.


Are the Patriot Groups from Our HBO Episode 'We the People' a Real Threat to You?

Is the current occupation in Oregon an active armed insurgency, or a bunch of dudes camping in a backwoods visitor center?


A Brief History of Violent Attacks Against the IRS

No one likes paying taxes, but a surprising number of Americans have gone to violent extremes, taking their anger out on the bland functionaries at the IRS.


The KKK Is Using Candy to Lure New Recruits

Ku Klux Klansmen in South Carolina are using sweets and anti-immigration propaganda to bring in new recruits. But in an era of open-carry protests and border militias, the country's most notorious costumed racists are struggling to keep up.


Don’t Worry—There’s No Epidemic of Cop Killers on the Horizon

The killing of two Las Vegas police officers by an unhinged armed couple with an interest in extreme right-wing rhetoric was a shocking incident, but in truth it's safer to be a cop in America now than it's ever been.


The Bundy Ranch Standoff Was Only the Beginning for America's Right-Wing Militias

An armed showdown in the desert became a proxy war between the paranoid right and the federal government.