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Women Activists in India Used Online Petitions to Create Real Social Change

Women in India used Change.org to petition lawmakers in one of the most traditional societies on the planet to improve women’s access to fair maternity leave, to keep them safe from sexual assault on public transit and to close gender gaps.
Joshunda Sanders
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In the Age of Trump, Female Comedians Are Using Humor to Fight Sexism Now More Than Ever

A grassroots movement, led by Gloria Steinem's Ms. Foundation, is here to advance gender equity with a few jokes too.
Emily Weitz
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Young African Women Bear the Burden of HIV in a Culture of Misogyny

One-in-four people in Lesotho lives with HIV -- the country with the highest new infection rate in the world. Although efforts to contain the epidemic have expanded in the last 12 years, poverty and more forces women to fight an uphill battle.
Madeline Moitozo

The Activist Helping Abuse Survivors Tell Their Stories Through Comics

Krittika Ghosh helps immigrant women share their perspectives and energize their communities.
Jacob Dubé

Refugee Women and Girls Shouldn't Have to Experience Sexual Assault in Safe Spaces

Despite making up 80 percent of displaced peoples, women and girls are among those at greatest risk of paying for conflict and disaster with their lives.
Chiara Trincia

Women Veterans Deserve More Respect for Their Service

"The sad truth, however, is that when we hang up our uniforms, many of us feel invisible."
Allison Jaslow
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How the World's Most Influential Leaders are Trying to End Extreme Poverty

At Bill and Melinda Gates’ Goalkeepers Event, global minds came together to champion the Global Goals to try and change the world for the better.
Emily Weitz
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Beyoncé Leads Protest Anthem in New Short Film for Gender Equality

#FreedomForGirls was made in celebration of the International Day of the Girl.
Aaron Barksdale

Girlgaze Is Fighting the Gender Gap by Giving Opportunities to Gen Z Female Photographers

Media icon Amanda de Cadenet is empowering women through a multi-platform social media movement.
Kastalia Medrano
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Two Marches Will Converge on Washington to Address Disparities Faced by Black Women

The March for Black Women and the March for Racial Justice are pushing for a just and equitable future for communities of color.
Kimberly Lawson

These Young Women Climbed One Of Afghanistan's Highest Peaks To Combat Sexism

Watch as activists summit a 19,000-foot mountain in a historic climb to defy sexist attitudes.
Impact Staff

A Social Media Campaign for Girls' Education Shatters Princess Stereotypes

The United Nations and Disney's social media photo series celebrates strong female role models and aims to give girls in developing countries an equal chance for education, health, social and economic opportunities.
Alice Rowsome