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'The State Is Her Ultimate Killer': How a Trans Woman Died at Rikers

The Black transgender woman was found dead in her cell at Rikers Island. These are the circumstances that led to her death.
Diana Tourjée

Does NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Deserve the Second Term He's Getting?

He promised a progressive revolution, but he's been too slow—and too dogged by scandals—for some New Yorkers.
Patricia Yacob
Life Inside

I Officiated a Lesbian Wedding on Rikers Island

Jail had put the baby-making on hold, but the marriage was going ahead as planned.
Emma Gilbey Keller
At Play in the Carceral State

In 'Injustice 2,' Even Our Heroes Are Authoritarian Assholes

A battle between Superman and Batman showcases the limit of the superhero allegory.
Yussef Cole

The Lawyers Trying to Get Their Clients Sent to Jail

Public defenders in New York City are actually trying to get immigrant clients sent to Rikers to avoid the feds—and deportation.
Sonja Sharp
The VICE Guide to Right Now

New York Is Getting Serious About Closing the Hellish Jail on Rikers Island

After decades of brutal incidents in the notorious jail complex, reformers are getting closer to the ultimate prize.
Drew Schwartz
The Future of Incarceration in America

​The Best Way to Close Jails Is to Make Them Visible

To win support for the resources and programs America's incarcerated people need, the public has to see what life is really like behind bars.
Fred Patrick
The Future of Incarceration in America

How Do You Close One of the Largest Jails in America?

In 2016, a nuclear option arose when it came to Rikers Island, the notorious NYC jail: Shut the whole thing down.
John Surico
Noisey News

Bobby Shmurda’s Prison Time Could be Reduced

The Brooklyn rapper has reportedly been offered a plea deal that could now see him jailed for a shorter stretch.

Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Lil Wayne Shares Excerpts From His 'Gone 'Til November' Memoir

His log of life at Rikers Island is out on October 11
Noisey Staff

'The Night Of' Shows Us More Ways the Criminal Justice System Traps People

HBO's legal drama is not a show about justice, but the justice system. And never has that difference been more apparent than on Sunday's episode.
Harry Cheadle

A Journal of Lil Wayne's Time in Prison Will Be Released in October

Noisey Staff