Rio Games


A Legacy of Crisis: Rio After the Olympics

Brazil's big bet on the 2016 Rio Olympics has gone bust, and the country has been plunged further into political and economic crisis.
Aaron Gordon

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hillary Clinton gets a commanding lead in the polls, Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson sues the police and city of Baton Rouge, and more.
VICE Staff

VICE Sports Q&A: Cameron Burrell on His Gold Medalist Father and His Own Olympic Dreams

With coaching from Olympic gold medalist Leroy Burrell and Carl Lewis, Houston junior Cameron Burrell is on track to make his own mark in the running world.
Sarah Gearhart

Are the Olympics a Help or Hindrance to Women's Leagues?

If the Olympic Games are an unequivocal win for its women competitors, the equation for the leagues that employ them is more complicated.
Kate Cimini
2016 Rio Olympics

Shooting For Respect: The Indigenous Brazilian Archers Attempting To Become Olympians

An archery program for marginalized native Brazilian youth has been more successful than expected and ultimately could produce the country's first indigenous Olympian.
Donna Bowater
Rio Olympics

"No Teachers, No Doctors," and More Police Violence: How the Rio Olympics May Victimize Street Children

By siphoning government money away from social services and encouraging violent police "pacification" of poor favelas, Rio's upcoming Summer Olympics may make life even tougher for homeless children.
Donna Bowater