Rio Olympics


Usain Bolt Loses "Triple Triple" After 2008 Olympic Relay Team Stripped of Gold for Doping Violation

Usain Bolt's relay teammate Nesta Carter just cost him his legendary "triple triple."


The Four Most Inspiring Opening Paragraphs In Sportswriting, 2016

In a difficult year, sportswriting showed us truth and beauty. These 100 percent real paragraphs did it in ways we'll remember long after the calendar turns.


A Legacy of Crisis: Rio After the Olympics

Brazil's big bet on the 2016 Rio Olympics has gone bust, and the country has been plunged further into political and economic crisis.


Putin Denies State-Sponsored Russian Doping Despite "Mountain of New Evidence," Ongoing Investigations

Putin looks the world in the face and lies about Russian doping.


Ryan Lochte Terrorized Live on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Did protesters rushed the stage during Ryan Lochte's performance on "Dancing with the Stars"? Jeah, they did.


IOC President Won't Attend Any of the Paralympics

Thomas Bach has a pretty busy schedule and won't be able to make any of the Paralympics (which he's known about forever).


Understanding Team GB's Olympic Success Alongside The Disaster In Brazil

While British coverage of the Olympics was overwhelmingly positive, we often ignored the darker side of the Games. When we look back on Rio's legacy, it will be with both pride and discomfort.


Ryan Lochte Expected to be "Summoned" Back to Brazil for Questioning

Ryan Lochte has been called back to Brazil to give further testimony about his fantastical night in Rio.


Vogue Brazil Makes Actors Appear Disabled for Paralympics Ad Campaign

Vogue Brazil decided to photoshop good looking people to appear disabled for a Paralympics ad campaign.


Some Chump Held Katie Ledecky's Olympic Medals While She Threw Out First Pitch at Nats Game

Bryce Harper played assistant to Katie Ledecky and held her Olympic medals while she threw the ceremonial first pitch.