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What It's Like to Be a Freelance War Photographer

Australia's Luke Cody explains how he manages fear in some of the world's most intense conflict zones.
Mahmood Fazal
Catalan Referendum

Catalonia's Vote for Independence Ended in Riots

At least 844 people and 33 police were injured in the violence sparked by the Catalan independence referendum yesterday.
Mònica Figueras
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Passengers Went Nuts in a Florida Airport After Spirit Canceled Flights

Just another day in the life of America's bizarro airline industry.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

This Is the Riot Gear Cleveland Cops May Wear at the RNC

VICE obtained an exclusive look at one of the 2,000 suits of body armor issued to Cleveland cops in the run-up to the Republican National Convention.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A 30-Person Brawl Broke Out in Walmart After Some Teens Laughed at a Woman's Dress

People grabbed baseball bats from the shelves, and a 17-year-old split a guy's head open with a can of food.
VICE Staff

Three Days of Fighting, Drinking, and Tear Gas at Euro 2016

In just three days, the Mediterranean city saw the best and worst of what soccer has to offer.
Loïs Elziere

French Cops Are Stoking Fan Violence at Euro 2016

Weirdly, throwing loads of teargas around doesn't calm things down.
Clifford Stott
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Watch This Unsettling Short Film of a Kid Reenacting the LA Riots at His Birthday Party

While America watched as riots tore Los Angeles apart, a nine-year-old Nathan Silver inadvertently reinterpreted the country's turmoil into his first film during his birthday party.
Jeffrey Bowers

Ten Years Since Cronulla, Things are Most Definitely Worse

Australia has generally treated the Cronulla riots as an aberration. But as I watched images of the Cronulla riots unfold on TV 10 years ago, I remember an overwhelming feeling of inevitability.
Aamer Rahman

Talking to Employees at Jakarta’s Haunted Shopping Mall

"Every morning before the mall is cleaned, you find kid's toes lying around on the floor."
Stanley Widianto

Christmas Island and the Language of Death

Another dead asylum seeker under our watch. More thought-terminating clichés from the Australian Government.
Lee Zachariah

Are Police Tactics Responsible for Clashes at Raves and Rallies?

There has been a spike of "riots" reported in the British media recently. But are they actually riots, and how much do police tactics have to do with the escalation of these otherwise peaceful situations?
Sirin Kale