Rise Up


Legal Weed Could Revolutionize PTSD Treatment For Veterans

Service members of many eras and ages have fought on the state and federal levels to shift policy and public opinion on legal weed.


This Teen Activist Isn't Done Fighting for Common Sense Gun Control

Lane Murdock and her peer organizers plan to launch new events, new organizing tools, and new opportunities for nationwide collaboration, all focused around increasing the voices of pre-voting age citizens in the fight against gun violence.


Automatic Voter Registration Might Get Americans to Actually Vote

AVR has garnered strong bipartisan support and is bringing more people to the polls for the midterm elections by promising a younger and more diverse electorate than ever.


Voters Will Decide Whether 1.5 Million Ex-Offenders Gain Back Their Right to Vote

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have appealed a judge’s order to fix the voter restoration system for former felons that a judge ruled unconstitutional.


Campus Organizers Petition Government Agency to Recognize US as 'a Nation of Immigrants'

The new mission statement by the USCIS sparked a college-led, pro-immigration controversy for students to take action.


'Vice' on HBO Tackles Criminal Justice Reform and Youth Incarceration

Here's how you can help at risk youth from becoming an incarceration statistic.


These Veterans Are Standing With the Parkland Students in the Gun Control Debate

The school shooting in Florida has amplified the message of former soldiers who want stronger gun regulation.


Thousands Are Marching on Washington on the 50th Anniversary of MLK’s Assassination to Fight Racial Injustice

The National Council of Churches spearheaded the rally as part of an initiative to confront racism, and address accountability to fight racial injustice within the faith community.


Syrian Refugees Are Finally Creating Much Needed Mental Health Support Systems

In one embattled city, nearly 90 percent of depression cases are caused by the war. We can do something to change that.


Washington's Newly Signed Voting Rights Act Empowers Communities of Color

The state admitted to weakening Latino votes based on racist practices. Now, it's committed to change.


Ex-Juvenile Detainees Get Job Training and a Second Chance at This Dallas Restaurant

Dropping recidivism rates, one new job at a time.


Gays Against Guns Links the Fight for Gun Control With LGBTQ Activism

After the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in 2016, the LGBTQ community has become a leading voice in the fight for gun control