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PREMIERE: USBM Stalwarts Manticore are "Black Sheep Amongst the Wolves"

Stream side A of 'Depraved Sacraments,' a Satanic new split between black metal OGs Manticore and Ritual Slaughter.
Noisey Staff

The Ritual Slaughtering of Chickens on New York Streets Is Officially Legal

Despite the efforts of animal-rights groups, Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn are free to swing chickens above their heads and slit their throats in the streets.
Alex Swerdloff

The Vegan Vodou High Priestess of New Orleans Isn’t Interested in Animal Sacrifice

Vodou—not the Voodoo of Hollywood schlock—is a fluid and creative faith. Sallie Ann Glassman, a renowned Vodou practitioner, is a testament to this with her veganism. Increasingly, Vodouisants around the world have adopted an animal-free lifestyle like...
Andrew Paul

India’s Hindu-Majority Government Is Taking Its Islamophobia Out on Beef Slaughterhouses

There’s a battle brewing in India, and unsurprisingly it centers on a highly controversial practice there: cow slaughter.
Lauren Rothman

Halal Slaughter Is More Complicated Than You Realize

As the Muslim populations of Western nations continue to grow, controversy over the halal slaughter of animals has intensified. We asked Dr. Temple Grandin the question that's most often at the center of the scandals: is halal slaughter humane?
Lauren Rothman

Animal Rights Activists Don’t Want You to Swing Chickens for God

On the eve of Yom Kippur, I followed a group of Brooklyn animal rights activists who were protesting Kapparot: the ultra-Orthodox Jewish ceremony of imbuing a live chicken with one’s sins, swinging it over one’s head, and sacrificing it to remove...
Alison Ashe