Fueled by Hatred, Australia's Century-Old Football Rivalry Rages On

On a new episode of 'VICE World of Sports,' we head down under for a look at two Aussie-rules teams hell-bent on beating each other.
VICE Staff

Belmont Beats Lipscomb on Last-Second Shot One Week After Beating them at the Buzzer

For the second time in as many weeks, Belmont beat cross-town rival on last-second shot.
Patrick Sauer
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Chance the Rapper Throws Dodgeballs at Cubs Mascot, Scores One for the South Side

Chance took aim during halftime at the Cavs-Bulls game last night.
Alex Robert Ross

After More Than a Century, High School Football's Quiet Rivalry Plays On

The Tennessee School for the Deaf and the North Carolina School for the Deaf first faced off in 1903—a matchup that predates Cal-USC, Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, Florida-Georgia, Notre Dame-USC, and Bears-Packers.
Tal Pinchevsky
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Sunderland Paper Reassigns Reporter Who Facebooked Nasty Things about Team Six Years Ago

Six years ago, Newcastle United fan said some terrible things about Sunderland on his personal Facebook account and now he's lost his job covering Sunderland because of it.
Leander Schaerlaeckens

America's Forgotten Service Academy Rivalry

"The Secretaries Cup is the Division III Army-Navy Game. The level of emotion, and the fan intensity, is exactly the same."
B. David Zarley

Texas and Texas A&M Need Each Other Now More than Ever

The Aggies and Longhorns need to stop dancing around it and play each other already.
Kevin Trahan
ronaldo abs

Ronaldo and the Great Photoshopped Abs Controversy of 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo's abs are in the news. Again.
Leander Schaerlaeckens

Michael Cooper And Bill Laimbeer Are Keeping Their NBA Rivalry Alive In The WNBA

Michael Cooper and Bill Laimbeer were part of a legendary NBA rivalry in the 1980's. They're coaching in the WNBA, now, but are as competitive as they ever were.
Tim Casey

What the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye Beef Tells Us About the Meaning of Life

Steven Hydens's new book 'Your Favorite Band is Killing Me' focuses on famous music rivalries like Oasis vs. Blur and Taylor Swift vs. Kanye to reveal that these beefs were about something more than drunken VMA speeches or Noel Gallagher's big mouth.
Patrick Lyons
St Louis Blues

Here's How Close the Blackhawks Were to Tying the Blues in Game 7

A deflection and two posts: the puck never had a chance of going in.
Sean Newell

Throwback Thursday: Monica Seles Takes the Throne

In 1991, Steffi Graf had sat atop the women's tennis rankings for more than three years. Then Monica Seles came on the scene, and things got interesting.
Patrick Sauer