Saudi prince finally addresses Khashoggi murder 3 weeks later

MBS has completely distanced himself from any involvement, calling the murder "painful to all Saudis"
Emma Ockerman
Saudi Arabia

This Saudi film critic has waited decades for movie theaters to be legal again

We watched a movie play in public in Saudi Arabia for the first time in nearly 40 years.
Amel Guettatfi
Black Panther

Here’s what was censored from "Black Panther" in Saudi Arabia

A scene featuring a kiss between the two lead actors didn't make the final cut.
Rex Santus
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Low Oil Prices and the War in Yemen Have Left a Huge Hole in Saudi Arabia's Budget

Facing a record budget shortfall of $87 billion in 2016, Saudi Arabia announced plans on Monday to cut fuel subsidies for its citizens.
Samuel Oakford
war and conflict

Saudi Arabia's New Anti-Terror Coalition Is Already Starting to Fall Apart

A day after the Saudis announced the formation of a 34-member alliance of Islamic countries against terrorism, a few so-called members announced that they weren’t necessarily part of it.
John Dyer
middle east

Saudi Arabia Announces Formation of 34-State 'Islamic Coalition' To Fight Terrorism

There is little information on what the coalition will actually do, and many of the nations enlisted to combat Islamist brutality have something of a reputation for it themselves.
Reuters and VICE News
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Saudi Arabia’s Unsavory Allies in Yemen Could Make Things Really Awkward for the US

The presence of soldiers from Sudan and Eritrea in Yemen means the US could be backing a side that includes fighters from at least one nation that it has repeatedly criticized for committing atrocities.
Samuel Oakford
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As Saudis Block a Human Rights Inquiry in Yemen, America Stays Quiet

The Saudis, who lead a coalition launching airstrikes in Yemen, killed a UN draft resolution calling for a human rights mission in the war-torn country. And the US barely weighed in.
Samuel Oakford
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Iran Blasts Saudi 'Negligence' as Death Toll Rises to 769 in Hajj Stampede

Another 934 were injured in the incident on Thursday, and the Iranian government has announced that it has formed a committee to investigate it.

As Yemenis Starve, Saudi Arabia is Accused of War Crimes in the Country

As a humanitarian pause declared appeared to crumble, an aid group says 13 million people are struggling to obtain food, and that some 6.5 million people are "on the brink of starvation."
Samuel Oakford

As Fighting Rages, Yemen's Warring Parties Reportedly Begin Peace Talks

Negotiations in Cairo on the fighting in Yemen reportely include representatives from the US, the UK, and the UAE, but not Saudi Arabia, which is leading the coalition conducting naval and air strikes.
Samuel Oakford
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Bombs and Shells Continue to Fall in Yemen Just Hours Before Truce Takes Hold

The UN-brokered pause is scheduled to begin at midnight Saturday, and last until the end of Ramadan on July 17.
Samuel Oakford and John Beck