Roach Gigz


On the Roof Vol. 2: Mob Forever

Stream Volume Two of On the Roof, dedicated to The Jacka, which features songs from Bobby Brackins, Iamsu!, and The Jacka himself.


Roach Gigz's "37" Video Is Your Inspiration for Having a Dope Weekend, Every Weekend

This video is everything you want California to be.


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It's just too easy for him.


Roach Gigz Told Us How to Become Pu$$y Magnets

The rising San Francisco MC talks Bay Area rap, acting dreams, and his first kiss.


Watch Roach Gigz' New Video for "Goomba Circus," Featuring Pac B and Mango Marlow

From his upcoming 'Roachy Balboa III' tape, which is all but guaranteed to be stuffed with slaps.