road trips


People Told Us Their Weirdest Road Trip Stories

"I hope you don’t mind if I take a little detour" is the last thing you want to hear when you're hitchhiking.
Mica Lemiski

What I Learned on My Road Trip to Meet American Homophobia

I visited three anti-LGBTQ hate groups because I believed dialogue and contact could foster understanding. Now, I'm not so sure.
Morgan Thomas
open thread

What's Your Favorite Video Game Road Trip?

Not your favorite road trip video game. That's for some future open thread.
Austin Walker
Final Fantasy XV

Road Tripping Through 'Final Fantasy XV' with My Dad

The ultimate road trip RPG is great fodder for father-son relations, as it turns out.
Fraser Brown

18 Artists Reimagine the Great Cross-Country Road Trip

Photography, painting, and mixed-media works rethink road trip clichés, travel, and the American landscape.
Francesca Capossela

Freddie Freeman's Cat Is a Good Road Trip Buddy

Cats are usually bad, but this one is pretty good.
Sean Newell
baseball cards

Wax Pack: One Man's Road Trip to Track down Every Player from a Pack of Baseball Cards

Brad Balukjian went on an 11,341-mile road trip in his 2002 Honda Accord to visit 14 players from a pack of 1986 Topps baseball cards.
Alex Wong

Who Attends the Women's World Cup?

While attendance numbers may not be massive, the tournament has drawn hardcore fans from across the continent.
Maggie Mertens
The Magic Hour Issue

How to Beat a Lie Detector Test

A story of illegal drugs, youthful mistakes, Texas prison, polygraph machines, a Jewish mother, and one road trip gone extremely awry.
Theodore Ross

The Tiger Truck Stop Is Here to Stay

Interstate 10’s most controversial endangered animal is a 14 year-old Bengal tiger named Tony. Last week, Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill exempting Tony from the state’s exotic cat ban. It’s the end of a fight that’s dragged on for years.
Anna Gaca
World Cup

On the Ground at the World Cup: Hanging With Argentine Road-trippers

In Rio, the invading delegation of Argentine fans is being welcomed with open arms by their Brazilian neighbors.
Brian Mier

Mossless in America: On the Road with Briner, Leavenworth, and Stewart

Sean Stewart, Timothy Briner, and Joe Leavenworth all photograph on the road in different ways, so it makes sense that they be interviewed in a van headed west.